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The following terms & conditions apply to all WPEasy subscriptions & services

Subject to change without notice. Last updated September 2019


  1. UsWe or Our means WPEasy
  2. Customer(s) means the person subscribing to a WPEasy service
  3. Site means a WordPress based website
  4. Hosting means the Customers' web hosting service

1. Contract Terms

  1. WPEasy plans are month to month, there are no "Lock In" contract terms

2. Payments

  1. Payments are automatically debited from the customers debit or credit card on the invoice due date. We use the Stripe payment gateway. The debit will appear on the customers bank statement as "Stripe"

3. Termination

  1. The customer may terminate their subscriptions at any time by either
    1. Sending an email in writing to support@wpeasy.net, requesting their subscription termination
    2. Using our customer portal and submitting a support ticket
  2. We may terminate a customers subscription if
    1. Payment of services are 14 days past due
    2. We feel that the site is not supportable due to issues such as Unlicensed themes or plugins, free themes or plugins that may be a performance or security risk. poor quality web hosting affecting site performance, unrealistic customer expectations

4. Theme and Plugin Licensing:

  1. All licenses for commercial themes and plugins are the customer's responsibility and must be kept current to enable updating
  2. For sites that do not comply to point 4.1,  at the discretion of WPEasy we may either; 1. choose to stop performing updates or, 2. terminate the customer's plan if we feel the site it not secure or manageable

5. Use of Free Themes or Plugins:

  1. There are many excellent, well written and well maintained free themes and plugins. However there are also a lot of poorly written and poorly maintained themes and plugins. These may present a security risk. Should we find that security is compromised, We may ask for these to be removed or replaced

6. Sites that we may not accept:

When a site is first subscribed to WPEasy it must be in a reasonable state before we will accept it on a subscription plan. It may be rejected if:

  1. The site is currently compromised or hacked
  2. The customer does not have cpanel or WordPress administrator access
  3. Original theme or plugin files have been modified
  4. Commercial themes or plugins are unlicensed
  5. The site content is exceptionally poor
  6. The site contains themes or plugins with known security issues
  7. The site hosting is poor
  8. Any other reason that we believe makes the site not maintainable
  9. The site contains pornographic, illegal or offensive content

* Should the site be rejected for any of the above reasons, we may offer a quotation to bring the site up to standard

7. WordPress core, Plugin and Theme Updates:

To keep sites as secure and function as possible, WP Easy install updates of WordPress core, Themes and Plugins. However, as we are not the developers of these items, we do not accept any liability or responsibility for any issues that may be caused by the updates. 

WPEasy will provide labour to resolve such issues within the constraints of the customers support plan. Additional time and charges may apply to resolve such issues.

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